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Breastfeeding Support

Drop in session open to all

This two hour drop in allows you time as a group and individually to discuss all things breastfeeding with the support of Marion a breastfeeding practitioner with years of experience and knowledge. Comfy sofas, cushions etc are available to allow you to get comfortable and Marion will be able observe upon request and answer any questions and offer tips and tricks. This is a completely safe and welcoming space, so whether you are on your first few days or well into your breastfeeding journey we are here to support you. Tears, laughter, mum buns, tired eyes and comfy's are always welcome. Please note, if you would like a private 121 consultation please book direct with the ladies at Bump 2 Boob. Arrival is between 12-1pm with the session finishing at 2pm, depending on how the session flows we may go for a short relaxing walk into the woodland with Marie so please bring a sling or off road buggy. Refreshments are provided.

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