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Dawn Chorus Retreat

Prepare yourself for a very special early start, when we come together to welcome in the Dawn Chorus

This three hour retreat will allow you to really soak up the beautiful surroundings and take some time for yourself whilst the birds welcome in the day.

The session will start at 4:30am where we will prepare a warm drink and then head down to listen to the chorus as the sun rises. 

Whilst in the woods we will take some time to connect with nature, noticing our surroundings and relaxing our body with some gentle movement. 

We will look to identify some common bird song and learn about our surroundings, building your confidence and awareness of what is around you. 

On our return Lizzie from @Lizzieedwardsyoga will be leading a beautiful yoga inspired energising movement class. 

"Inspired by Yoga and natural movement practices, we'll be led by our own bodies to build energy, stretch and relax into the morning. A perfect wake up for the day ahead"

A retreat wouldn't be complete without some beautiful food, we will come together outside to browse on some yummy seasonal bakes and breakfast bowls to nourishing your body.

To complete the retreat we will take the time to write out personal intentions and visualisations on your own hand painted paper bird to take home. 

Please ensure you arrive promptly as the birds or sun will not wait. 

Please dress in comfortable warm clothes , wellies will be required and ideally bring a blanket. 

Please note refunds are not provided should you be unable to make the event. 

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