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Nurture Mums

Nurturing mums group with 0-walking

Running Friday Lunchtimes, Nurture Mums and Babies is a group for mums with 0-walking babies. This session has a different feel to most as the main focus is on you and parent wellness. All the daily essentials will be available including nursing pillows, bottle warmer, changing mats etc Nature based sensory items will be set out for babies to enjoy whilst you chat with like minded mums currently on the same journey as you. For the first half of the session we will relax together either in the building or out on the deck weather dependent, drinks are provided and your welcome to bring a lunch with you. Once we are all ready and if you would like to, we will head out for a group woodland walk and some relaxation. Please note, if you are still recovering or simply would rather relax in the venue the walk is optional. The walk is suitable for slings and off-road buggies, along the walk I will teach you about the natural surroundings and equipping you with knowledge of nature. Along with good conversation, a chance to relax and soak up the benefits of a woodland walk, this group is a place for you to feel safe and welcome, we will talk emotions, birth recovery, general life and laugh, cry and celebrate our journey together. Each ticket includes 1 adult & 1 child Please note booking is none refundable or movable. Siblings are welcome at an additional charge of £5 per sibling (under 18mths free), to add siblings, simply book them in from our Extras section.

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