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Parent responsibility

During all sessions you remain the sole carer of the children that accompany you and their wellbeing is your responsibility. 

Risk assessments are carried out and reviewed regularly to ensure that the space remains safe and these are available for you to see during your visit. At the beginning of each session a short safety talk will identify any potential nature based hazards that you should be mindful of. It is important to remember that the space is within a wildlife garden/woodland and therefore the environment can change daily so individual common sense and care must be applied when out in the garden and walking in the woodland. 

A first aid kit will be available for emergencies but please do bring your own small kit, as you would for any outdoor adventures. 

Hand washing

The venue has two hand washing stations available, please ensure your little people wash their hands after each activity in particular when they have been out and about exploring. 

Dangerous plants and insects

Where possible all plants within the garden have been assessed as safe around children, upon your first sessions you will be provided with a short ID card for any to avoid incase then have grown unknowingly within the garden or woods. 

it is possible that on occasions we may come into contact with insects that should not be handled/ interacted with especially by children under the age of 5. Again ID cards of ones too avoid will be provided alongside my guided support during each session. 

As stated in the Q&As please ensure your child comes suitably dressed especially if they will be taking part in a nature explore session. legs and arms covered is recommended. 

Poor behaviour

The beautiful bear venue is a place where all should feel safe and welcome, inappropriate / offensive/ unsafe / aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated, you will be asked to leave promptly and not able to return should any staff feel threatened or uncomfortable with yours or your child's behaviour. 

Please also be aware that the venue is run from a home, please be respectful of this and stay within the designated areas.

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